Completed [7/8] WSF Melee Mayhem, Melee Tournament Sign-Ups (SA)



Melee Mayhem will take place on July 8th at 6:00 PM Eastern Time in Stick Arena Classic.

Tournament Rules:

  • No cheating of any kind
  • Free killing is allowed
  • No alliances
  • No feeding

Players must provide a screenshot of their full screen in a timely fashion if requested.


  • First place - 5,000 cred, 10 day LP, first choice of spinners
  • Second place - 3,000 cred, 7 day LP, second choice of spinners
  • Third place - 2,500 cred, 3 day LP, last spinner available
  • Fourth Place - 2,000 cred

Spinners for this tournament are Argon, Void and Mayhem.


Organization Structure:
WSF creator: Eminence
Tournament hosts: Codfish and Apple512881
Graphics specialist: Apple512881
Tournament committee: Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881, Schallmeister

(Lexus.) #2

/Sign 995

(Ajay) #3

/sign TwistedMetal

(Shad0ws / Jon) #6

I can’t play on Sundays AAAA


/Sign Grasp85

(Mint) #8

Me either, feelsbadman

(Kincaid) #9

/sign kincaid1


WSF Video Contest

Compilation of the tournament with cool effects and transitions that promotes XGen Studios in their video will have a chance to win these spinners. We must all agree that your video is awesome!

Try to record as many matches and competitive chat in the Discord during the tournament and turn it into a compilation (mash-up). – Promote XGen during or at the end of your video to be highly considered.


  • Video team capacity - 3 people
  • Video editor - 2/3 spinners
  • Game-play recorder (must play in tournament) - 2/3 spinners
  • Contributor - 1/3 spinners
  • Must be uploaded to YouTube and sent to Apple512881 or Codfish via XGen forums or Discord

Participants must contribute a decent amount and or have a part in video creation/production to receive a spinner. In your submission please state your team and their roles. Deadline for submissions is 7/14.

Rewards: (to the winning team)
Transition, Grove Street and Big Bang



/Sign Rossignol



(donx074) #14

/Sign Sinsinsin
/sign ava



(Que) #16

/sign Gravities


/sign gohan12341

(Nicholas) #18

/sign Codfish



(Nicholas) #20

(Nicholas) #21


Tournament Results:
First place - Ava (5,000 cred, 10 day LP, Void)
Second place - ic3 (3,000 cred, 7 day LP, Mayhem)
Third place - Sin (2,500 cred, 3 day LP, Argon)
Fourth place - Gravities (2,000 cred)

Successful tournament once again, hope everyone had fun!