Competitive Season 1 - Stick Arena - Boxhead Bounty Hunter

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Nothing but love towards xgen, but a lot of the community dislikes and feels that the a large portion of the current moderation team reeks of incompetence and the fact that every single post about it is deleted not only proves that point, but it also leads to every single thread eventually ending up at some point discussing how people feel about the mods. A mega-thread, or some sort of area would be nice.

Just to stay on topic, I personally love the idea of a competitive season especially on boxhead. Of course Drone or Angrye are probably going to win it since they have no lives and they play bbh all day, but yeah i love that the “fire of competition” is back. Hopefully someone not named angrye or drone can win a season but yeah its gonna be tough to beat people who are online all day

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I’m pretty sure I mentioned somewhere BBH would favor this more over SA. I’ve seen SA people say they were going to quit because they lost their high rank(s), with many more pretty upset.

Though I feel with a little bit of work we can adjust to this change to everyone’s liking, for the most part. Some pretty reasonable ideas have come up.

Just bear with us.

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As Schall said, we are still ironing out some of the issues with the competitive seasons. I think the benefit will be a net positive—we certainly won’t be able to please everyone, but I think with a few more adjustments we’ll have something that will get people excited about getting on the charts again! We’re less than a week in, so keep the constructive feedback coming and we’ll sift through your thoughts addressing what we can in future server updates.


Things are really going well on BBH, the activity has almost certainly been boosted a ton (there was over 100 people online on the weekend). In general, the community is very happy with this change and there are a great deal of games being played. This update suited BBH more than SA, because BBH relies on an active top 100 for the well being of the game, so I can understand why some SA players might not be pleased.

I think the XCash prize is a satisfactory motive to keep players hooked although I would love if you guys could add some new stuff. I know updates aren’t possible, but maybe some sort of server side update such as new colours/suits or something of the sort. I know it’s still early days, but it would be great to get new stuff on BBH, finally!

Overall, it was a great initiative and something the BBH community has longed-for, a while. Credit goes to the XGen Team, bravo!

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In my opinion losing my rank made the game way more fun. Seeing new faces and new people who can finally compete with the old players is a great thing to see. The game is way more alive then it used to be. In my opinion a great move xgen!


I have seen way more activity then i have before the change was made. It may be your opinion that stick arena hasn’t changed but it’s definitely way more fun for me.


Activity also depends on where you live, i live in europe but i am also online outside europe times.

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Declave snaking the euro community k…


Just trying to make the game more fun.

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I see a few new players on the late nights when I’m the only one lurking so there’s a slight boost in new players but not enough to be noticed and I feel like the pros are going to make the noobs not play because of skill level

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Please copy and paste that into a thread. It needs to be seen. I have quite a few opinions i share with you, Red.

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