Competitive Season 1 - Stick Arena - Boxhead Bounty Hunter


Competitive seasons for Stick Arena and Boxhead Bounty Hunter are here! Season 1 starts TODAY and will go until the end of November, with a new season starting every 3 months. Stick Arena Dimensions and Boxhead Bounty Hunter have been two of our biggest and most played web games developed by the XGen team. It’s been amazing to see that there is a dedicated community still very interested in seeing these games thrive.

Today we did a full reset of the stats for both Boxhead Bounty Hunter and Stick Arena Dimensions. We have a fresh slate on the Season 1 High Score Table for you to climb the charts once again, but don’t worry about your old stats, we’ve saved your Legacy Scores for you to view. Check out the main page to see the charts!

Do you think you can chart in the top 100?? There’s plenty of prizes for you to win, so jump into the lobby and start racking up those kills and bounty points!

As a note, cheaters will be removed from the high score table without warning.


Whats up Scott btw thanks alot dude!

emm i heard that bbh is going to get shutdown in november is that true?

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Don’t want to sound annoying or anything, but are the games going to be updated at all?

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This is not true.

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Unfortunately any update to the SWFs at this point is not feasible. We have made a few server side changes though.

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Well how do you intend to keep the game more active if no updates are going to be
made :frowning:


Backend maintenance can go a long way. We appreciate the diehards that continue to play these games, and we are trying to keep these games playable and competitive with the tools we currently have at our disposal. Thanks for your understanding!


i gotta say scott, you are the first xgen employee to notice us and do something! i really appreciate it! Is there a link for top 100 of all time in BBH? I cant seem to find it. Also, if one breaks into the legacy top 100 are they put in?

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You can thank the entire team, this was definitely a team effort. And thanks to the fans and the mods for all of the suggestions.

Here’s a link to the Legacy Scores for BBH:

I believe they are just a snapshot of the high score table prior to the reset.

  • Scott

To clarify, I feel it would be best if we disallowed urinaling, to make it more fair to the others 2v2ing or FFAing to get their kills.

Here are the ways to get yourself removed from the leaderboard for the quarter:

  • Urinaling
  • Alting (legit or illegitimate)
  • Hacking of any form
  • Getting fed kills from another user
  • Maze maps

As of now, we do not have a limit on how many accounts you can put on the leaderboard, though it will be subject to change.

Testing a few things out:

To make it fair, 1 tile maps are out of the question. How do you guys feel about 6x6 maps being the smallest you can go?


I agree with all these ideas except urinaling. Urinal maps have long traditon. It was always important part of Stick Arena. “Urinal” created one of old moderators Boldur. This atmosphere during playing will never forgotten. From my point of view this map is fully legit. One difference is earning a little more kills. I got impression that for some players even maps like pit and brawlers should be outlaw, because “it was be more fair to 2v2ing or FFAing” I think that most of these players won’t care about something like leaderboard. The have huge prizes for tournaments. Why you want to create “Stick Arena” space just for proz? BTW Urinal maps aren’t just for players with lab pass. Don’t forget about vip list. We can invite 6 people. Im very lucky for new start this game and thanking XGen for doing great job. Other side i can understand point of other players with high ranks. We were on leaderboars for years and didn’t for this any prizes. Now when we have new chance you want to do place "more fair to 2v2ing and FFAing( some players still don’t understand what means FFA). In my opinion when you will do outlaw something like urinal. There will more banned accounts. More players will break rules. Look what happened when legal alting allowed. How many players were banned for Anti D/C, jitbiting etc? I can understand that you don’t like urinal maps, but you should’t take have fun other people. Whatever will happen i will still here to fight for these prizes :wink: I hope for more activity for game like Stick Arena. Maybe should we write somewhere on Xgen site or leaderboard about verify an email. I think that some newbies still don’t know how to do it.


I think it would be amazing if it were limited to one account. Maybe even two. If people get more than three or four wanted accounts, they can easily farm a ton of bounty points in private games.

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I feel like this “season” thing is better for boxhead because there’s no ranks I think the every 3 months is fine as long as the leader board resets but our stats don’t because alot of people took a long time to get those stats and just to know their gone hurt alot of players so I say give Us back our ranks but do a refresh on the kill counter for the leaderboard


I never said I disliked urinal. I’ve played my fair share of them in the past. I even urinaled 5000 to get rank 9.

What I’m saying is some people don’t like urinal, and I can see why.

I’d be fine with urinal if the kill max was lowered… @Scott


That would also patch suicide having a Slight bit it would take more rounds to rank up

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Good move xgen! This makes the game way more fun!

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Alters and people who put more than 2 alts on highscore (y)


Those are all duals acc who are you in game btw?


He has around 800 accs his YT channel discription has a crap ton of listed accs


Yeah… we’re not going to derail this conversation. Move along.