Brand New XGen Community!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay.

We’re very excited about this new platform. Discourse is a different kind of forum, one that really encourages discussion. Take a quick look at our new rules section, particularly the first paragraph:

XGen Community Rules and Guidelines

Quick XGen Community Rules

Your use of XGen Studios’ Discourse community is a privilege, not a right. Treat others with respect, and you will be treated with respect. Life is unique and interesting because of our different perspectives: respect other’s opinions, or respectfully disagree, but XGen’s Discourse community will not tolerate discrimination, trolling, or harassment of any kind.

This community is for XGen Studios fans and we’re very excited to start a dialogue with newcomers and those that have been with us since the beginning (2001!), and we hope to create a positive and welcoming space to talk about video games, art, music, programming and especially the games we work so hard to bring you on Steam, mobile, the web and consoles.

Have fun and be good to each other!

  • Scott (& the XGen Studios team)

Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to helping out wherever possible.


Thanks Luis, glad you’re here!


I’ll second that. Plus, Discourse is really nicely optimized for different screen sizes. Looks much better than the old mobile theme on my phone. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Let us know if you have any suggestions. We’ll try to watch this space closely over the next few days to make sure we can get up and running properly.

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Yay! I like the layout of this. It’ll take a bit getting used to after using the last one for over 6 years haha.

I see there is a “like” system on this one. That’s a nice touch.

And I’ve already earned a badge! Haha

Seeing the post preview change as you type is also very nice. Now we don’t have to click a button to preview it.

Will all of the sub-categories from the old forum make its way here? Spammerland, Gaming Lair, Music, etc?


Thank you for the invite!

The site looks great, I’ll be more than glad to help if it’s needed.


I think that will depend on how many users we get. Right now we want to encourage most conversation to take place in the XGen General category. One of the major problems I found with the old forum was that it seemed we spread our community a bit thin by having too many categories, and we can’t encourage spam with this system. To make this community great the “latest” tab should be full of activity that relates to XGen to some degree, or at least embodies the things that we all might share an interest in.

We’re of course open to some suggestions though, but that’s at least our intent with this new system!

  • Scott

Hmm. I’ll see how much I like this. Honestly, Really disappointed the forums went away. Hopefully, this Works out well for XGen.

Also, Thanks for the early access, truly appreciate it


Thanks Greg! We’re hoping this fresh start will help us stay in touch with the people that play our games. Glad you’re here!

Thats good to hear. One of my biggest issues with XGen was the lack of Admin interaction in the community. Cheers to new beginnings.

I agree with the lack of admin interaction, and I even get people in the community asking me about you guys and mention that they never see you. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a dev on one of the games. I’ve told some that XGen doesn’t have many employees and are busy (especially with working on The Low Road now). Perhaps a visit for a little while will seem pleasing to the community? I know they’d like to see that as much as I would! :smile:


We’ll do our best to pop in and out of the forum as much as we can!


This forums looks awfully similar to twitter, not that I’m complaining! Hopefully this will be as fun as the old forums was!

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Thanks for the invite! Obviously it will take a few to get the hang of the layout. But I will definitely be checking everything out and giving you some feedback.


Welcome Miami! Glad to have you here!

Nice to see a familiar face!


Haven’t seen a desktop view of this, but mobile looks really good. I like how minimal the design is vs the old and semi dated layout.

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So is everything from the old forum gone? The elites forums was the only place a lot of very old members posted (2003-2005 registration), and I don’t see 95% of them migrating over. I’d check in on the elites every once and a while and catch up with people I have known for 12+ years. We were friends on Myspace, to put it on the internet timeline.

On the other hand, that’s thousands of posts from my awkward teen years that future employees won’t see when googling me. But I’m still upset that all those interactions I’ve had with everyone over the years is gone now.


Yeah, Discourse is a really nice platform, aesthetically and functionally. Welcome Miami & Krux!

Edit: & Blixinator!