Boxhead's Final Game

Hello everyone! As you all know, Boxhead Bounty Hunter is officially coming to an end in 3 weeks. The BBH community has decided to schedule a day where we all log on for the last time to play final games such as wanted games, 2v2’s, infected, etc. We will also be voice chatting during the games so don’t be shy to come and socialize!

After adding up the votes, we have come to the conclusion to schedule this event on a weekday. The event will take place the last week of the month, 12/28/2020 - 12/30/2020, so you will be given 3 options to choose your desired date. I will be making a poll where you all have the option to choose more than one day if you believe you can show up. Please take your vote, thank you!

  • Monday 4pm EST
  • Tuesday 4pm EST
  • Wednesday 4pm EST

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Hello everyone, we have decided that the final game day will be Monday, the 28th of this month at 4pm EST. Hope to see you all there!


(the real final game will be on wednesday)


Hello Boxheads, the event date is getting closer and and I would like to remind everyone that the event will consist of wanted games, 2v2s, trivia and much more.

The event will take place 4PM EST Monday 28th of December 12/28/2020 so please be on time.

Wanted Games Prizes: 100 XCash (1st), 80 XCash (2nd), 70 XCash (3rd)
(The rest of the prizes will be determined on the day of the Playday.)

I would like to thank the entire BBH community and especially @Bella for coordinating the event, thank you very much.

I hope to see everyone there,



Reminder that Boxhead’s Final Games will take place today starting at 16:00 EST.

Be there or eat sea hare in wheelchair.

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