Boxhead/Stick Arena Troubleshooting

(Ddmasterkiller) #64

Schall I suggest you ban him and quanta.

(Tae) #65

Uhhh whyy is this?

(Schall) #66

Along with deleting your guys’ posts I will start handing out warnings. Please cool it.

(Tae) #67

why dont you just delete the whole post…

(Master Oogway) #68

Im glad bbh is ddosed people on that **** all day everyday and im not BabyJumps @BabyJumps @Ddmasterkiller


baby is bambo

(Christopher.holmen) #70

Xgen need to have all game a download to play just becuz flashplay can be hacked if xgen wasn’t a webrow free to play game it wouldn’t be hacked all the damn time

(Master Oogway) #71

@wazz Im Kyree986 not bambo smh…

(Schall) #72

(Master Oogway) #73

Lol around this time i log on everyday #lasvegastimezone just to check around and it takes forever to log on now not even the quickplay people work and its not just me XxBamboDavidxX texted me saying the same thing.


(Schall) #75

I merged every thread concerning the servers into this one.

PLEASE stop making thread after thread about them. Keep the discussion in here if you wish to talk about it


Boxhead Blvd and Rubix were merged into Squaresville some time ago. The only servers that now exist are Squaresville and The Block (both of which are currently offline at this current moment).

Boxhead Blvd was only merged into Squaresville at the same time the game was reset (Sept 1st), so I’m glad XGen were able to go through with that. Hopefully saves costs and removes a useless server.

(AngryNinny) #77

i thinks xgen should find out who is hurting the servers and sue them because they are wreaking havoc on the business because people cannnot log on and play game to view ads and buy xcashes

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #78

oii is boxgen willing to pay back my boxcash I spent for premiums? this is a very cruel business model, making players to buy stuff and then closing down xhead so that they cant even enjoy their purchases. I paid 8.99€ for my virtual mani!

(Master Oogway) #79

I been trying to log on today and last night and i cant connect i restarted my computer and it still didn’t work so i checked the quickplay and it said connection for like 20mins is this another ddos attack by the same person from last time?

(OOF) #80

Hahahahha time to get on console noob

(Master Oogway) #81

Shush i have a ps4.

(OOF) #82

Got rainbow?

(UnknownKiller) #83

Welp… what cha gonna do