Boxhead/Stick Arena Troubleshooting


No problem :slight_smile:

(Chris) #45

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #46

so when are the servers going to get fixed?

is it even possible for the servers to get fixed?

(OOF) #47

The servers fix themselves they may be slow but eventually youll get in thus thread is irrelevent please request to delete or lock

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #48

im asking how am i irrelevent

(Schall) #49

The devs will be back tomorrow, maybe even later today. They’ll see The plethora of threads and will fix it, or try to.

If I find out who’s doing this, I won’t hesitate to ban everything you own on XGen. Most likely again.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #50

Why is everyone attacking me
what did i do?

(Chris) #51


Has Anybody been able to log onto bbh?

(Schall) #53

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(Schall) #54

(Christopher.holmen) #55

for everyone who are trying to get on boxhead today 10/21/2017 just to let you know that bbh BBH is being upload try geting on latter… thx u have a good day

(Schall) #56

What do you mean it’s being upload?

(Christopher.holmen) #57

they told he told me it mite be uploading so that i should try geting on latter that why nun could login to the game

(Schall) #58

Someone is probably hitting the servers off again. Who’s “they”?

(Christopher.holmen) #59

i still dont understand why isnt ppls loging into BBH someone told me it was being upload agin so that i should just try geting on latter


Who told u?

(Schall) #61

Knock it off guys.

(Schall) #62

How about you look at your private message and answer me instead of making posts like that?

(Ddmasterkiller) #63

I’ve never seen more kids join forums in one day ever.