Boxhead/Stick Arena Troubleshooting

(Chris.kamara) #23

are Servers for SA And BBH going be back on soon?? or nah… and how come Scott havent say nothing aboute what has happen to the Servers for SA And BBH?..i thought he was CEO??? O.o

(Lexus(17)) #24

I suppose that Xgen is working for fixing servers, that’s why no one answer.
I guess servers will back soon, but it won’t fully solve a trouble. The most important thing we mustn’t allow to this situation next time, otherwise xgen lost all players on both games. I have nothing against if servers didn’t work even fews months, but this can’t be reapat.

(Schall) #25

Someone will make an announcement when the servers will be back on.

Please stop making multiple threads about the same thing. I don’t want the forums cluttered with it.

(diana limon) #26


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I cannot connect to either squaresville or rubix noob. Will this be resolved any time soon?


No, it is not just you. They’ve been down for nearly 2 weeks now and the remaining players have moved to Boxhead Blvd.

(AngryNinny) #28

Fun fact, Rubix Noob redirects to Squaresville. It’s been like that for a while.

Honestly, there’s no need for 3 servers anymore (I don’t think there ever was a time it was necessary). Boxhead Blvd and The Block should also both redirect to Squaresville. I assume this would cut down on server maintenance costs, and people wouldn’t get discouraged from logging on after being unable to log into Squaresville and thinking all of Boxhead is down. Just a thought.


If that were to happen then there would be no backup servers for when Squaresville is attacked. XGen would have to make it more stable against DDoS attacks which are becoming more frequent.


Like automaticReload said, it has been down for quite some time as far as i know.


I wonder who did it -_- and it’s really dead and there’s two ppl in blvd server

(Schall) #33

I saw two people on who are most likely responsible when I was on a few minutes ago.

(Christopher.holmen) #34

I think Ik who did it… It was fuffly only he can make mods an mess the game up like that

(Schall) #35

The mods or hacks you’re referring to doesn’t do this.

(Master Oogway) #36

so boxhead blvd works?


Its a fact that NEY0 has no clue what he is talking about


Btw the comments above are from June

(Master Oogway) #39

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(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #40

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(Rodrigo Beltran) #41

Hi, I am a new user here and I wanna know why I can’t join the servers. Actually the main problem is that I can connect to every server, but I can’t log in into the server. Also what happens is when I press ‘‘Login’’, it just doesn’t load the game.


Someone is DDoSng xgen games therefore logging in is not currently possible

(Rodrigo Beltran) #43

Thanks for your help, I thought it was only me.