Boxhead/Stick Arena Troubleshooting


Any solutions to this?

Are BBH Servers Down? I cant login
What did happen to boxhead today i cant login? ;/
Stick Arena will not Authenticate
Are Servers going be back on?
Question about servers
Problems at Loggin in
BBH is being upload...10/21/2017

Servers down :confused:

(Schall) #3

SA servers are down too. Some kid has too much time on their hands.

(Ddmasterkiller) #4

Maybe its michal again.

(Master Oogway) #5

Servers down again? And the SA servers… People have nothing else going on in life…

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #6

Maybe Kids GETTING Bullied at school so they decided to bully the servers

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #7

So the servers committed suicide


When do you guys think the servers will be back up?

(Weary Of The World) #9

I got in for like, 3 minutes a few hours back. Been stuck on authenticating bar ever since though.


I cant login in to boxhead. The quickplay games arent event loading the game.

(Schall) #11

We don’t know.

@Kero I was able to get into U of SA and FLI at like 1:30 this morning, but joining again was an issue.


this game needs a cheat breaker or something

(Chris.kamara) #13

what happening to my fave xgen game boxhead ?? i got out of work fina play some BBH buh the damm page games arent event loading ;/ is bbh being reset agin?


Has Anybody been able to log onto bbh?

(Master Oogway) #16

Just tried logging on now and it’s the same as yesterday the quickplay not loading and the login don’t work. Someone must really hate people on bbh lmao.

(Jairo) #18

or sa, pretty sure sa and bbh runs on the same server

(UnknownKiller) #19

Day 5 Of the DDOS,

. Sa and BBH people are getting frustrated

.would there be an update since bbh is currently on version 1.11

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(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #20

i bet angrye is still logged in

(paul) #21

For the last two days I have tried to login on multiple usernames and I get stuck at the “Authenticating…”. Anybody else run into this issue? Looking for a solution


Servers have been down for awhile because of a DDoS mate