Boxhead’s Newest Moderators

Hello everyone.

I would like to announce the newest moderators for Boxhead Bounty Hunter:


Congratulations guys! And welcome to the team!



Thanks mate!

Glad to be on the team.

Congratulations on newest BBH moderators.

Congrats guys! Really exciting to see familiar faces moderating the game, with active recruits its safe to say BBH is progressing towards the right path! :grin:

Thank you everyone

Congratulations guys! I know all 3 of you are going to do great!

I wish I could’ve moderated with you but sadly that can’t happen : (

If you need any help in any form, including the BBH in-game ban fix or the BBH mod client. I still have those and they will be beneficial in your endeavours, so just give me a shout.

+1 to any of you who can figure out how to do the blue lobby text glitch :rofl:


You have to teach me that.

Haha, you must find out by yourself.

its time to ban angrye

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Thx xgen for ower new mods wishing them the best as a mod let ther be a hacker free zoom

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Sorry, That I’m little late to the party. But Congratulations! You guys are going to do amazing! BBH will strive for many more years to come. :smiley:

Don’t mess up and im pointing fingers at you @RedMist congrats everyone.

Thanks for having us on the team! Can’t wait to help out!

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Dronetest will be at your service 28 hours of the day.

Congrats :+1:

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Thanks everyone, glad to be a part of the team <3

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Congrats guys :grinning:

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The amount of likes thooo

congratulations noobs