Boxhead Nostalgia (by HackedVirus)

Posting for Hacked who apparently doesn’t want to make a forums acc to do it himself ;D

The reason boxhead died was because most younger people aren’t finding or getting any exposure to games like these and some don’t even know about flash games. Most of the younger people of today or most people find games so easily on steam and like in famous games like fortnite or some other stuff… I’m sitting here at 1 50 AM and watching videos like this I think that most kids today grew up on games on tablets or on phones moved to console and stuff all these new technologies ****. But people from our age didn;t really have anything when we were younger we went from playing outside to a old ass laptop or one of those big a$$ computers in the library and had to find games to play and us being like 11-13 wanted to play online games. There was no cod mobile or fortnite on phones we found what we had and thats how we found bbh… At the end of that video above you can see the lobby with like 20 plus people in at and like so many games you had to scroll down. BBH hasn’t looked like that in years and we were all just tryina save it. Basically life moves on… and remember when we had a south american scene in GALAN,LightBulbSun, and zeta0208 lol
(and remember when cod was only on the oldd a$$ xbox 360 and that janky a$$ ps3… and we had to flip or slide our phones and now they got better graphic quality on phones then the old gen consoles smh)
We used to got our friends house in elementary school and ■■■■


I remember calling Kevin a ■■■■ and convincing the entire community I was black. Also scamming Cortrell for yoyoinator .acheat. Or3os (literally gave it to kendry who was an admin accepting scammed accounts xD)

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Yeah a lot of the younger kids aren’t being shown these games which is, in my opinion, a great lost because box head is a really fun game. I actually logged in today and it was completely empty, it sad how such a good game is maybe completely gone now :frowning: