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BBH Clients (with download links)

With the old forums gone, the BBH client list was also gone and I found these old clients lying on my computer. I’ll drop them here regardless if anyone wants to try them out. If any of you have the links to others that I’m missing which were on that thread, it would be helpful.

Happy Halloween, enjoy this Boxhead Themed halloween client with great seasonal edits- By N3rd

King of the Ring - perfect client for close combat 1v1. Have a go. - By N3rd

Colours client - new colours and customisation options for your BBH character - By N3rd and AngryNinny

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


thank u <3

Is it available for mac OS X?

Not sure, download the folder and try running the .swf file inside your favourite browser.

Try it and let me know if it works.

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its showing this

Which browser are you using?

Im using Safari

Click on this link.

Then click Edit Location —> Add Location —> Browse for Folder —> then add the folder where your BBH client is saved. This should hopefully allow you to connect to the servers.

If this does not work, I would suggest using Firefox.

Ive done it should i double click it or what should i do to open it?

Don’t worry it worked :smiley:

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Bro pls help me look im usinbg mac google chrome when i click on the File then it pops up saying you need to choose what file u want to open whit pls help me

Open the .swf file in you favourite browser (in this case - Google Chrome) and it should run the game.

Then follow the below instructions for connecting to servers.

Let me know if this works.