Boxhead ~ circa 2019


Hello old friends, I have come back to the realm of the boxes for a short moment for a solitary reason.

What I would like in this thread, is for everyone to respond with 2 things:
- Boxhead Join/Start Date
- Boxhead Accounts Owned (Some alts may remain anonymous)

So everyone should respond to this with 1 post, however, discussion may continue. If you know of someone not using the forums, you may also add theirs for them.

I am doing this just to see how many familiar faces are still around, we’ve made a lot of memories. One last thing, Drone scammed B44b. Much love everyone, have a good one.


  • November 2009
  • Moodavid1, Moonlightdemon, Yoda

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #2

April 2010

Notable accounts:

  1. SHITFROMYOURASS / XSHiFTx - Wanted in October 2010, banned about a year later for inappropriate name (thanks to mods for not doing that a little bit earlier), got it unbanned years later by having the name changed to XSHiFTx when changing names became possible for a short period of time, and made the account wanted again. My nickname Shift comes from the first five letters of SHITFROMYOURASS. About 91 000 bps before ban, about 190 000 bps final.

  2. .XShift.The.ProX. / Th3Ch4mp1onSh1p / XCh4ng3x - My second major alt acc which I made in November-December of 2010 (if I remember correctly). Became my main account after the notorious ban strike, and was the third Most Wanted at best. Stopped playing at 636 363 bps. Final 8th or 9th on the list, idr (high scores not working atm)

  3. Bompp1 - My third major alt acc, used when non-wanteds were stalking too hard or basically whenever I felt like it. 20-25k bps I think?

…and of course many more alts such as MidnightSun. and .TheCollector. / ShiftTheTaXman and .TheExecuter. (my first alt)

I didn’t really see Moo (not to be confused with M.o.o) at all back then but I do remember seeing your name on the wanted list. I joined forums in 2012 and saw some of your posts there, I think? I miss the old forums ):

what have i done with my life



March 2010

Notable accounts:

1, Rijairo87,
was my first account ever got about 21k bounty points total and got hacked right before I got wanted and I didn’t know how and why that happened so I stopped playing for like months and came back.

  1. B44b,
    my second account also my first wanted account. Made around november 2010. People started to notice me and started to make friends. SHITFROMYOURASS aka XSHiFTx, Sskiller1 and other people who are long gone. Later around 2011 I got wanted racing with a friend called Woshiwo and he won. Got wanted around 90k bounty points since the wanted list was raising fast. But I was playing BBH so much that I was tired of it and quit playing. So I gave away my account to a friend called Jer. , but I didnt know he would share it with many other people. One of them got the account banned. Gave the account away around 125k bounty points and it got banned around 147k.

  2. .,Bounty,.
    the account I came back around 2012 with. Was checking if BBH was still alive and it was. Saw alot of new people and alot of old people I remember who were still playing. Got only 35k bounty points on that account but got my dumbself scammed and the person changed the name. and left BBH again.

  3. DroneTest,
    my second wanted account. Made in 2013 getting back to BBH but started to play it alot. Got it wanted July 18 2014. Got 134k bps in a year only and was surprised that there were still alot of people around and some old players. Alot of things happened and got a total of 730k bounty points on the account alone. People saw how I got bountypoints and wanted me to help them gain some. Got around 200k total bounty points on my alternates and accounts of friends alone and they were happy that I helped them. When Viperimazza got moderator I asked him if he could help me get B44b back and he did. Couldn’t appreciate him more to get it back for me and asked me to send an appeal and get the account unbanned, which it did. Now I’m here with my old account, also moderator of my favourite flash game. And ofcourse I have hundreds of alt accounts lmfao. Can’t name them all obviously.

Enjoyed this journey as much as you old players did. Wish I could go back to the old days because they were the best.

And moo you finna get banned for that


(Matthew) #4

October 2011,

1st. 77Bat00, The account i used during my time in The Block Europe and in Squaresville.
The most memorable of my accounts, i hope will continue to be remembered.

2nd. Spectre177, This account used when i developed almost positive stats, before they plunged down again. Spectre being the name everyone calls me.


(UnknownKiller) #5

November 2011,

1st. Dylanspithotfire, got the account from a girl i met on the game :slight_smile:

2nd. Dazer28, Got this account in Late 2013 if i remember by the real Dazer named TERMINATOR777 at the time.

3rd. Arzteca and soon to become Menaze at 2014

4th. Got an account 2 accounts off friends and the Name-changed them to Darkmoon and Midknightx

 Got a life in 2016 :)


Terminator777 isn’t the real dazer28, i believe the real dazer was scammed and given away which terminator got the account from and he verified it. And I used to have dazer around 2013 too but never used the account but I don’t remember who I gave it to, but terminator took it back. And then you got it.

PS: According to the api Dylanspithotfire is a 2012 account.

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I started playing sometime in 2010 I think. The first account I ever made was Bobbert42 if someone wants to check for me that would be swell.

Around that time my brother made “Muchalor” his alter ego as a heavyweight mexican wrestler.

The first account I played well on was DMI.LOL. but I changed the password and forgot it before I knew about verifying your account. So i started using my brothers account which had about 16k on it I think. From there I used it more or less exclusivley untill I got banned at 160k for hacking by chubear. I was quite mad because I never had hacked before so I picked up some manatee from the guru Kdrez and proceded to slay.

Munchalor- Made soon after this acc got banned for evading. I created it bacause Neshie called me munchalor and I thought it could be a good sub in for my main. Had it only until about 15k I think.

Beef101- Made by Kevin this acc had maybe 4 games on it when he gave it to me. I liked the name, and Meat101 was still active at the time so i thought it would be a worthy troll account. I dropped 100 kills on meat thereafter and decided that I’d keep playing on it. before it got banned the account had 45k bps 70 kills per game 3 kd and 60% wins.

Vanasaint- My Rubix account. This acc had 100% wins on it and about 110 games. 10kd and 100 kills per game. I never farmed kills on this account although I could have, and did later on “AllAmerican”. I still have the screenshots from every game I played on Vanasaint.

Then me, Mitchell (Tucikaz Oules Bloons etc) and Nooga started amassing wanted accounts to farm with by using the money suction hack and the suicide function we farmed up some disgusting stats on a whole slew of accounts like Unifish Oules and averagedude.

That got old fast for me because it was very tedious and grind heavy so I stopped doing it; although Nooga perfected the method and went on to make multiple accounts wanted from it.

Soon after, I appealed Muchalor and resumed casual play. And that brings us to the present day.

Of course there are hundreds of alts, most of which I forget.


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #8

Bobbert42 most likely sometime in february 2010



Thanks shift


(2k10adderr) #10

Trust Drone to api every account mentioned to make sure there’s no fibbers lmao



You already know, gotta make sure nobodys talking smaccc



September 2010

Valentinlopez14 I made this account when I was 11, because I kept making pointless accounts ( I don’t remember all). I always played with noobs. I’ve never played with any wanteds (I didn’t know how to check scores). Later than a month, I remember that I saw some wanted players on the lobby. I remember Irontmoney, Kel279, Angrynegro, Kevinandrez97, and Joshteen13 were chilling in the lobby. They were AFK. I saw a wanted game that I hadn’t played. So I decided to click it and I was stunning, because they are more 2x better than me. I never strafe, switch weapons, and turn 180. I was in 16th place. I was very embarrassed. I struggled becoming pro like them for one month so I quit.

IAmNobody- After 5 years of not playing Boxhead Bounty Hunter, I decided to visit this game during Winter Break 2015. I got shocked that Boxhead was dying. There was a few players. I decided to play bbh so we can revive this game slowly. I made an account "Absoulteownage24. That when I was a fanboy lol. I don’t know about bounty points. I decided to collect more bps. I’ve improved so much. I’m not gonna lie, but Aurora light trained me once in 2010. I always use strafe key with my pinky finger. My middle finger is on w. W is turn 180. Switch weapons is on Q and E. I kept playing Boxhead Bounty Hunter until August 2016, I became wanted with 196k bps. I know that some people hated me, but I never give up. From now, I only play Boxhead on rare occasions. It’s good to see some old bbh players. I already have a life like two years ago.



Didn’t know 2010 players could have an account ID around 21 million.



November 2007

RedMist- I joined this game at 2007 with senatorkingsly, possibly the greatest Boxhead player of all time. He was a pretty cool guy, was clean, never hacked, always owned and flushed every wanted game possible, he was unbelievably good!

That is all.


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #16

idk if you’re trying to be sarcastic or not but if your user id starts with 17 to 22 or 23, then it’s from 2010


(Ice) #18

1- ,Black.Ice, - 2010
2- IceLegacy - 2012
3- Argentina - LEGEND

PS: Why tf am I not wanted anymore


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #19

come back or u r noob

seriously, we need more players


(Ice) #20

Well I can’t play with my keyboard ghosting besides now my life is based on playing Uncharted 2 and FIFA18 on ps3 basically.

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(Shane) #21
  1. ,.,.remix,.,.
  • (I honestly forgot when I found BBH cause it was so long ago.)

Anywho, Hiya.

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Somewhere 2011

  1. Gatos0216,
    Was my first account ever and I’ve learned so much through him even though I was a noob back then. I think I had around 5k bounty point to 10k bounty points. I stopped playing for a while so when I came back, I forgot the password.

  2. Tou12345467,
    In 2013, I made Tou12345467, then I started becoming better, as I watched videos from KevinAndrez96. As I watched his videos I found out he was hacking and he was pretty good, besides Kevin, I watched Aurora.Light, and kept watching the dream team. I kept practicing and then I made a dumb mistake where someone said they could get me wanted and I can’t believed I trusted them lol.

  3. PWNEDKevin36,
    In 2014 I made this account and I started really grinding on this game as I had around 40k bounty points to 50k bounty points. Then I stopped playing for a couple years as I had gotten my first xbox and came into the console gaming world. Whenever I went to my grandparents house, I would play BBH because back then, it was my favorite game and still is one of my favorite computer games. Then in 2016, I started playing again and that’s when it was my prime time. I shocked wanted’s by how good I was and I saw the potential in me of becoming wanted, and now I am. I’m really glad they do seasons now because back then it seemed like it was impossible to become wanted with people having bounty points 120k to 1 million bounty points, but thanks to the seaon’s, I have a easier time becoming wanted. So now I am wanted, #51 in the wanted’s lists and thanks to Deuce. for helping me become wanted. Killed it today in a game with a couple flushes.

I enjoyed this game as much as the old players did. I loved the feeling when you joined a lobby, you were surrounded by players with all types of talents. I hope I get that feeling again as I see the community is starting to become popular again. :slight_smile: