Boxhead Bounty Hunter 2v2 Tournament 11/20/20


Let’s keep this announcement short and simple for the message to be crystal clear.

There will be a 2v2 tournament during the weekend of November 20-22. We will use the Robin system.


-ROUND ROBIN: Every team have the opportunity to play all the others teams once.(GET 2 POINTS = win) (1-1 TIE) (2-1 WIN)
-All games on Hedge Maze


-The team with the player collected the highest amount of money wins
-No prems
-No equipment allowed
-No quitting before the end of the game (the team of the player who quit, Loses automatically)
-Once the player joins the game will not be allowed to leave (Loses Automatically)
-No intentional teamkilling. We know accidents happens, but if the other team can prove the other was intentionally the teamkilling will automatically disqualified)
-Uniforms: Every team must have a predetermined uniform.
-All guns allowed
-No hacking (Permanent ban on your account)
-No lagging to the point that the player is immortal / invincible (will get you and your team disqualified)


-One person recording per team is highly recommended. The player themselves will be responsible to report any cheating or hacking to the staff (you will have to provide PROOF) (sometimes the Boxhead staff will spectate the match)
-Screenshot every match result
-We recommend to download Screencast-o-mastic to record the matches.
-We also recommend to LightShot to screenshot the matches results

If there is any question feel free to contact me (Andromalius#3713) or Nicole11799 (Nicole11799#5794)

Sign-up Commenting under this post or messaging any of the Boxhead Staff on Discord.

1st: 300 xcash
2nd: 200 xcash
Lost in semi-final: 100 xcash
5th - 6th: 50 xcash (only teams that completed the entire tournament will receive this participation prize)

Boxheads, thanks for your unwavering support!
With gratitude,
The Boxhead staff