Boxhead 2020 (?)

Now that the game is dead enough for the ‘most wanted list’ not to matter anymore, can we have the legacy scores back for 2020? It was fun for a little while to play when the scores reset each month, but I don’t see the point of it anymore. Bring back the old wanted list. It’s where the real effort went into, anyway.

Now, I don’t really remember how this reset thing works anymore, but that is still possible, right? In the past, monitors or admins have chosen a date for the game to go back to in order to clear some damage that had occurred to the game after that same date.

Here’s also a poll: pls vote only if you are a former boxhead player

  • Bring back the real Most Wanted list
  • Don’t change anything for now
  • Fine with both, don’t really care

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Boxhead is great as is especially with the competition seasons like stickarena.

I hope I am qualified enough of a Boxhead player to offer my opinion on this issue.

The problem I see with bringing back the real Most Wanted list is that will directly affect in-game mechanics. Once again, it will be almost impossible for people to make it back onto the Most Wanted list, needing a minimum of 209,984 BP to make it to Top 100.

The most ideal solution would be to find a way to have a leaderboard that collects all-time stats alongside a separate leaderboard that keeps track of monthly points. This system does exist in Stick Arena:
Seasonal Leaderboard -
Cumulative Leaderboard since 9/2017 -

A replication of the above for Boxhead should be possible if it was done for Stick Arena.

EDIT: Also, perhaps the Boxhead seasons could be made longer to help players accumulate some BP and be rewarded for active play. Maybe yearly seasons! The beginning of 2020 is coming up, and that would be the perfect time to implement a yearly leaderboard.

At the same time, this would all be for naught if Boxhead isn’t put on Steam or some platform other than Flash by the end of 2020. So I would worry about that first.

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I’m going with the assumption that there won’t be enough box heads playing boxhead anymore for it to be even remotely enjoyable, as has been for the past several months. Only a few players end up earning ANY bounty points during a season as there have to be at least six players in a game for the bp system to start. And if barely anybody is able to earn bounty points anymore, what’s the point of resetting? I say bring back the legacy stats, since it’s not looking like people are suddenly coming back to the game.


Bringing back the Legacy stats and clogging the active Wanted Lists is not going to really serve any purpose. As long as Boxhead is still open, it doesn’t hurt to passively keep the Wanted Lists still open for others. If you want to just give up on trying to bring new players, then I think you might as well shut down the game. Bring back the Legacy stats only if they can be programmed to not interfere with the active Wanted Lists.

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Here, I would like to take the liberty that I have as possibly the most active boxed player; most players I have met have played briefly in quick plays or made an account and then left shortly thereafter. Also, I have encounter a large handful of old players who would be on the old wanted list. These old players would likely be enticed to return more often if their accounts were returned. This being said, most games I have seen have not exceeded the bounty point threshold making the status of most wanted mute. I think it would be best to return the old leaderboard to preserve the past accomplishments of people who seriously earned the title in a hope to bring back skilled players who will compete on a level that I enjoy playing on (My bias).


I totally agree with bringing the old leaderboards back. The hard work people put into that should be shown. One remark is the fact that probably no one would care unless you get people to actively play this game again. And I doubt that lots of OGs would decide to come back because the old leaderboards were brought back. They weren’t there when the game was completly dying out in 2017, so why would they show any interest now.
The only thing that would be able to revive BBH, is bringing it to Steam (Flash support will end on December 2020). But bringing it to Steam really is a milestone people would be looking forward to and probably giving it a little bit of hype again. Sadly the devs never showed any real interest in bringing the game to Steam (at least not when I was mod). Of course, you would also need an active moderator (not counting Drone as active, cause tbh he barely ever had time to do anything).


steam is a yes please!
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