Best Seasonal Players

(Luca) #28

Stick to one and make it known? How can I possibly do that when most of this community dislikes me in same way or another. Why do you think I keep making alts? To make a name for myself without having to be hated, or disliked.

(Oh, and I also make alts as tributes to other players but I wont talk about those until next season)


You could actually use only one account and not be hated. Not everyone in this community hates you… I’ve seen many people be nice towards you when you were on Vulgarr.
One advice I can give you is: try not to react with big words when a bbh player posts a random comment on forums or in lobby (like Shift did).
They’ll strike back double as hard to get revenge. And they will hate you as will their friends (in this story I’m talking about wazz).

It’s just a friendly advice and I’m not at all trying to write something controversial.

(Luca) #30

Either way, a lot dislike me. Maybe not everyone, but a lot. So no, I’m not just going to play on 1 account like everyone else. Because unlike me, they don’t have to log on knowing that they’ll be constantly harassed.

(Schall) #31

A lot of people on Stick Arena used more than one account and they were known on them as well. It’s nothing to be frowned upon.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #33

I am NOT bpo 1

(Schall) #35

Keep it cool guys or we’re closing this topic.

(Luca) #36

Thanks a lot man. Need the negativity outta here’

(nooga) #37

put this thread with the hundreds of others where someone who has probably won less than 10 wanted games in his life gives his expert opinion on good players


Nooga the true savage. He should be on all these lists

(nooga) #39

would say the same thing if he put me first in all the lists, if you don’t win games you don’t really understand why anything is good or not good

and i barely win when i get on so it’s not like i could make a meaningful ranking nowadays either, since i barely play and don’t really know what works against people


I admire your humble and honest attitude. If all BBH players were like this . . . :3

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #41

take me off the list and put there someone who deserves the place, like bpop 1!

(Schall) #43

Sorry, but this isn’t helping anything either. If there’s a problem with the post, flag it and we’ll take care of it. Doing this is just throwing fuel into the fire.

Let me know when you guys get the idea.

(Schall) #44