Best Buddy on Stick Arena & Why?

(RaS) #1

I’ve been with my bro @Ash for a while now through Stick Arena, and we would have this bond that I think most people don’t have. We take jokes to another level and play around too much lmao…

(Jake) #2

I’ll probably always remember the good times I had playing with guys like Alucard, Jon, and Matt. Always yelling at eachother in skype, having a blast playing a flash game together, not a care in the world. I’ll miss those days forever.


Kevin (Muppet) & Fishy, Uyt, Lawjax, Daveee, DevilDreamz, Demon, Flu too many to name.

(Metrø ßoomin) #4

My ■■■■■ afroman32, abluecat (original), & last but not least my ■■■■■ drake💯

(o3always) #5

my best buddy’s from this game is nick (megalodon) kami h1 vein lizbona we could literally chat and joke around on xat for hours & tbh i wouldnt of been any good at sa if it wasnt for these people