BBH Screenshots

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #449

Very random, I love it!

(Nikki) #450

Happy Valentines Day Boxhead!!!

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #451

Wanted game :C

(The Neon Transformer) #452

It’s about time I come back to BBH. Hey I can buy anything :smiley:

(The Neon Transformer) #453

I’m very disappointed by these bounty points. Bruh if I played every day I bet i’ll at least be top 3. Like this is my comparison to this season and last season.


Looks like I’d be most wanted.

(The Neon Transformer) #454

The Wizard doesn’t like 1 kills. But compared at that…

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #455

You cant really say that if activity has declined on the game. Not as many players advanced to season 15. Block60 plays everyday and look where he is at.

(The Neon Transformer) #456

I guess your right Dd, but if I played BBH every day, I’d still bet I’ll be top 3, since most people on the leaderboard are not that active.


(The Neon Transformer) #457

I guess I’m getting so much better… LMFAO I can’t believe I beat Boxerella. In fact, I got a 2kd.

(The Neon Transformer) #458

The wizard won’t dare to ignore me now. :stuck_out_tongue:

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #459

Lol neo sorry to break it down to you, that’s not Boxerella. Angrye doesnt even play anymore.

(The Neon Transformer) #460



( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #461

(The Neon Transformer) #462

When you are 1 bounty point away from being wanted…

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #463

Hi How are ya


(Cнιcĸeɴ) #464

Welcome back :DDD

(Bella) #465

Much love <3

(The Mad Titan King) #466


(Bella) #467

The squad up n ready for the new season!

Bringing back the good ol selfies! @LeThanos, @RandomChicken, @Box.Jay, @nikki11799, Traitor
Thank you all :3

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #468

Amazing to see so many new players at once, great games!
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