BBH Playday 12/6 (COMPLETED)

Hello everyone,

we will be hosting a playday at BBH on December 6. Playday will begin at approximately 5-6 EST. If anyone has a suggestion for a better time please get in touch with me.

This playday will consist of trivia, wanted games, a small 2v2 and more. Please try to make sure to participate, Remember BBH will be gone in 27 days so let’s try to have fun until the last second.


Wanted Games: 60 XCash (1st), 40 XCash (2nd), 30 XCash (3rd)
Trivia: 10-30 XCash (obviously for the correct answers)
2v2: 30 XCash (Winners)

I hope to see you there,

PuertoRicoT & Nicole11799


how about 12 EST?

Great idea! Good luck everyone!

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:V why dont u join i joined sa playday

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Would u not be able to make it at 5

ok fine, 11 EST

Im asking because if your unable to make it at the time we may be able to make accomodations.

is 00:00 EST ok to you?

Thanks to the participants of this playday

XCash winners:

Rey280: 80 XCash
YoungBoyNeverBroke: 50 XCash
Muchalor: 60 XCash
Nicole11799: 20 XCash
Champj24: 20 XCash
Antares23: 20 XCash
Isa.616: 20 XCash
Shiftoob: 30 XCash

The XCash will be given shortly.
~Boxhead Staff


The prizes has been added. Thanks everyone for participating.