Association of Stick Arena Professionals


Welcome to the Association of Stick Arena Professionals (ASAP)! This is the new go-to official hub for Stick Arena competitive tournaments. In ASAP, we aim to create an environment that prioritizes competition at the highest level, improvement of your game, and encouragement and welcoming of all players.

Why ASAP? ASAP gives competitive Stick Arena a real platform for establishing who the best Stick Arena players are. ASAP also employs a tournament tier system similar to the ATP for Tennis that encourages newer Stick Arena players who want to develop their skills. Additionally, ASAP has solid mechanisms that account for various factors, such as hacking and spurious identities, that have been issues in previous tournaments.

ASAP Documentation:
ASAP 2020 Schedule:
Stick Arena Tournament Points:
ASAP Current Rankings:

Want to join ASAP? You must have a Discord account. This is a requirement for easier communication and identity purposes. Then, join the following Discord server and follow the instructions to become an ASAP Member:

I hope you consider giving ASAP a try and taking your Stick game to the next level! In this thread, I will be giving updates about recent tournaments and current rankings, so stay tuned!


In addition to Red’s post, We always want to stretch out towards players from all tops of genre in Stick Arena. ASAP will feature pretty much every game mode you can think of creating a fun time compared to the standard traditional 1v1/2v2 classic customs. Come join for a chance to win hefty labpass, creds and exclusive spinners. Our tournaments will be starting soon, come join ASAP!


That’s right, our first tournament is TODAY! Hope to see you there!


Our first tournament has concluded! View the results here:

Congratulations to @Justdie17 and @Meteor on coming in 1st, and the runner-ups @Dz-Yay and @wipey!

LOTS more coming soon!


Today (1/12/20) we had our second tournament. It was a Challenger-tiered 1v1 Melee Tournament, with 125 Ranking Points and 10 Shop Points being rewarded to the 1st place winner.

Congratulations to @Justdie17 on taking home the gold, and @Meteor the runner-up!

Below are the results:

Check the “ASAP RESOURCES” section of the OP for more information and to see the current rankings for 1v1 and 2v2!


Want to participate? Join ASAP here!

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