Association of Stick Arena Professionals


Welcome to the Association of Stick Arena Professionals (ASAP)! This is the new go-to official hub for Stick Arena competitive tournaments. In ASAP, we aim to create an environment that prioritizes competition at the highest level, improvement of your game, and encouragement and welcoming of all players.

Why ASAP? ASAP gives competitive Stick Arena a real platform for establishing who the best Stick Arena players are. ASAP also employs a tournament tier system similar to the ATP for Tennis that encourages newer Stick Arena players who want to develop their skills. Additionally, ASAP has solid mechanisms that account for various factors, such as hacking and spurious identities, that have been issues in previous tournaments.

ASAP Documentation:
ASAP 2020 Schedule:
Stick Arena Tournament Points:
ASAP Current Rankings:

Want to join ASAP? You must have a Discord account. This is a requirement for easier communication and identity purposes. Then, join the following Discord server and follow the instructions to become an ASAP Member:

I hope you consider giving ASAP a try and taking your Stick game to the next level! In this thread, I will be giving updates about recent tournaments and current rankings, so stay tuned!


In addition to Red’s post, We always want to stretch out towards players from all tops of genre in Stick Arena. ASAP will feature pretty much every game mode you can think of creating a fun time compared to the standard traditional 1v1/2v2 classic customs. Come join for a chance to win hefty labpass, creds and exclusive spinners. Our tournaments will be starting soon, come join ASAP!


That’s right, our first tournament is TODAY! Hope to see you there!


Our first tournament has concluded! View the results here:

Congratulations to @Justdie17 and @Imperideus on coming in 1st, and the runner-ups @Dz-Yay and @wipey!

LOTS more coming soon!


Today (1/12/20) we had our second tournament. It was a Challenger-tiered 1v1 Melee Tournament, with 125 Ranking Points and 10 Shop Points being rewarded to the 1st place winner.

Congratulations to @Justdie17 on taking home the gold, and @Imperideus the runner-up!

Below are the results:

Check the “ASAP RESOURCES” section of the OP for more information and to see the current rankings for 1v1 and 2v2!


Want to participate? Join ASAP here!


UPDATE! This weekend in ASAP was a HUGE blast. A recap:


On Saturday we had a 16-player single elimination tournament. It was a hard-fought affair, running almost 3 hours with several intense battles that were instant classics.

At the end of the day, Avarice emerged as the champion, with Twisted the runner-up. Both players in the Finals faced formidable opponents along the way; in particular, Avarice triumphed over Sin, our 3rd place finisher, and Twisted edged out Jake, our 4th place finisher.

View the results here:


Our Doubles Challenger tournament on Sunday had a 22-player turnout for an 11-team bracket. We tested out some newly made/rarely used Customs Maps, which were successes overall. I’d like to thank the members of our ASAP Map Team for their contribution: Koli and Scorp for map building, and Meteor for suggestions on good 2v2 maps.

Avarice and Sin emerged as the champions of the tournament, with Lizbona and Koli coming in 2nd. Jake and Meteor gave the champions a run for their money in the semifinals, but ultimately finished 3rd.

View the results here:

Overall, ASAP Tournaments have been a blast, with every single one of our 4 tournaments so far having a 16+ player attendance. I have our wonderful Stick Arena community to thank, and I think this is the start of something that is going to only get bigger!

Have any questions, such as how to join, what the current rankings are, or what the prizes are? Don’t forget to check out the links in the Opening Post of this thread!

More events coming next weekend, so stay tuned!


Welcome to the EU version of the ASAP tournaments hosted by the European Task force! These tournaments will consist of both 1v1 and 2v2 held in the {Europe} Amsterdam server and will be played at their own convenience, meaning that the participants will receive a 48 hour deadline per round in which they will have to organize and play a match with their opponents. This is enforced so the tournaments are finished within a week, and give room for the tournaments on the next one. Please sign-up at the designated channels, #1v1-signups, #2v2-signups. More information and all other info is in the ASAP, ETF discord and on this excel document:


Some updates:

The first 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments for Europe ASAP are on their final rounds. Some of the intense action has been streamed on Twitch by Lizbona, at Follow him to be notified the next time competitive Stick Arena is live on Twitch!

NEXT TOURNAMENT is going to be later today at 4:30 PM ET. It is a Singles Challenger tournament for ASAP Members.

Through the first three weeks for ASAP, Avarice is #1 ranked in Singles, and Jake and Meteor are #1 ranked in Doubles. Grand Slams are coming in about a month, so do your best to earn some ranking points to qualify!


Haven’t posted here in too long!

To celebrate the free lab pass week (or two!), we’re going to be having TWO tournaments this weekend, with some good prizes! After this weekend, we will also be having the April Open, which is a huge 2v2 tournament! Don’t miss it! Register in ASAP today and you can work towards continuing that free Lab Pass streak (or maybe getting some of those cool spinners you see people walking around in).


Hey everyone, I am officially closing up ASAP indefinitely. I have deleted the Discord server.

If you still wish to access past results, please refer to the links in the opening post. Other than that, stay safe, stay woke, and thank you all for playing!

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