Any old friends around from Sakingz?

Looking for old friends
-Kill3r5 (I think he went by Avarice later on)
-Rev from Supreme
-Anyone else I played with or was in Sakingz, we should catch up! The best players came from Sakingz… love and miss you guys
Add my discord Dr37ms#6226 - Tx

Hey, Cholo

I don’t keep in touch with most people anymore, but I found Ava’s Discord for you: DivinityA#4551

Hopefully he can help you connect with whoever else you need

Thanks Trask, by any chance did me and you used to game back then?

I wouldn’t be surprised if we played a few matches here and there, but I don’t think we knew each other very well. I got pretty friendly with Ava after you left, though. Still good to see an old face either way, take care of yourself man