Any FullScreen SA No-Cheat Systems?

(Skye Carpenter) #1

Tired of playing on a small screen where its out of the middle. if anyone knows one that can go full screen just let me know please. Many people has also asked on this. Currently I am using Fearless-Anti Cheat System and i just hate having to play on such a small screen. Play on full screen would feel satisfying to me. Many other players have asked if there was a fullscreen mode.

(icykiller2) #2

I use the zoom feature on my browser.

(☠) #3

You can kinda go fullscreen with an anti-cheat on windows. Go to where the application is located and right click it.
-hit Properties
-Checkmark Run in 640 x 480
-hit Apply
Next time u open ur anti-cheat the resolution of your pc is gonna change to 640 x 480 and tadaa fullscreen! kinda…

(Skye Carpenter) #4

Thank you so much!