Any Anti-Cheat downloads for Stick Arena?

(Shad0ws / Jon) #1

I currently use EAC, which is no longer able to be downloaded, but still able to be used. I’m trying to get an anti-cheat system for my other computer (laptop) so I can still check stick arena quick without having to get on Dimensions.

Anyone got an anti-cheat I can use?

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(Lexus(17)) #2

I never used the “anti- cheat” , but i’ve heard very good opinion about “Project Helvian” The link for the anti-cheat is in the description.
Actually i recommend play on browser, but it’s your choice. If you have any questions private message to @Nicholas.


Anti-Lag? I need that for my gameplay these days so I won’t be suffering from crappy connection issues


(Mint) #4

I’d also recommend Project Helvian, been using it for a couple months now since it lags too much for me on browser


(Schallmeister) #5

Any for Macs?

Just kidding, I don’t lag on Chrome on my Mac.



I use chrome on my Mac to play SA and it lags like a mothertrucker

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(Ice) #7

Anyone tried playing on internet explorer?

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(Shad0ws / Jon) #8

People keep telling me that Stick Arena runs ironically well on Explorer. That true?

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(Ice) #9

Yeah it runs smooth for dimensions and classic site, but it might depend on your OS, for me it runs great on IE.



It runs crap on explorer if u use laptop.

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(Nick) unlisted #11