Anime Discussion Thread

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There must be fellow anime fans here in Xgen, so I thought why not make a discussion thread?

Here you can discuss recommendations, recently watched shows, your favorite shows/genres, etc.

I guess I will start. Just finished Toradora. Despite its popularity, imo it is overall no bueno, I feel like it was slow paced and had a lot of buildup for certain scenes. There were some good scenes and episodes, but 90% of the show was just boring dialogue. I guess that is to be expected of the SoL genre, but there are others that do it very well like Chuunibyou and Clannad After Story.

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Only anime i watch currently is One Piece oh and dragon ball super because new episodes come out on the same day but it doesn’t compare the awesomeness of One Piece. Its just the best story being told in my opinion. So many mysteries so many connections so many strong and legendary pirates in the one piece world that it just leaves you begging for answers and more. It may be low paced which is the only downside of this anime but it makes the wait worth it when things or people get revealed. Truly a masterpiece…in my opinion

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I watched like the first 2 seasons of one piece maaaany years ago. And by many, I’m gonna guess about like 6 or 7 years ago. It is good but it is very long lol. I don’t have the patience. I watched dragon ball and dbz up to the buu arc when I was 10, so 9 years ago, but I just stopped watching. Maybe I will pick it up again and watch super, but it is sooo long :frowning: I don’t like long shows.

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The only anime I watch currently is Tokyo Ghoul and I might also watch fairytail, not sure whether it’s good or not.

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Word man, anime is off da chain! Pokemon is one of the most in-depth animes I’ve ever watched. This goes especially for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen seasons of the show. It’s riddled with emotions only a true analysis could appreciate. I hope there are some other anime fanatics on the forums that are also able to appreciate the life lessons and great female characters Pokemon has to offer.

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Which is why you only read the manga and pretend that the anime doesnt exist. The pace of less than one chapter per episode makes it unwatchable.

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lupin is a good anime

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Manga doesn’t have a soundtrack or animation, which are two major elements in anime. There is more to anime than just the story, which is what the manga provides.

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I highly recommend watching Parasyte. Brilliantly written and gets you in your feelings.


There are a few anime shows I watched such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Naruto, One Punch Man, Parasyte, Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBS, and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. My favorite one is One Piece all the way (especially the recent chapters that came out).

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The only Shonen anime I’ve ever actually seen as a whole was Bleach, all the others animes I’ve watched have been relatively short, action-packed, school-related (millions of those), and etc,.

Anime such as Oregairu, Trinity Seven, Darker Than Black, Canaan, Cowboy Bebop, Infinite Stratos, Black Lagoon, Seitokai no Ichizon, and DanMachi.

Even though I’ve seen a lot of anime, I have yet to watch a large majority of “mainstream” anime. That includes One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and more. Don’t ask me why, but when something is so immensely popular that it’s almost overrated, I tend to not watch it. And yeah, I’ve seen bits and parts of those anime, but never watched them throughout. I will say one thing though, there are some that I have considered watching since the hype has died a bit. Full Metal and Attack on Titan are the most likely of them, especially because I have the impression that they’re sincerely good.

Not really naive when it comes to anime, just not a big fan of the ones soaked in popularity.

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Pokemon was first anime i’ve ever seen. Naruto was my favorite anime in elementary school and in high school. I watched from time to time Shaman King and Bleach in my childhood.

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:ooo when was this createddddd!!!

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long before your time :sunglasses:

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mostly everything here is before my time considering i just joined forums ._.

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I like your profile pic, its from s2 chuunibyou. I don’t really watch anime that much anymore but chuunibyou was my 2nd favorite anime behind clannad.

Edit: I notice that over 1 year ago when I made this post I mentioned these two shows jajaja. Things haven’t really changed I suppose.

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omg yea i recently watched chunibyo and she was like my fav character c: have you watched any other anime?

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I’ve hardly watched anything the past year, I’ve been watching on and off since I was like 6 or 7 lol. I did completely rewatch the classic naruto and the first half of deathnote though.

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Naruto shippuden is in my opinion the best anime.