Alternative Four Word Phrase Game

Hey guys,

I thought we should all try out this game, so. I’ll start with a 4 word sentence or phrase where all words take on an alliterative theme.
-Evidently, Edgar’s experiencing ecstasy
-Daniel dogged Deborah daily.

Then the next person to post writes another sentence or phrase with the next subsequent letter, and so forth and so on. Have fun!

Let’s start:
Angie ate eight apples.
(Of course B’s are next, then C, etc…)


Cool cockatoos cooking corn

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Deep down dogs dootyhole

Even Evan Eats Eggplants

Five Finger Fisted Freddy

Goofy Greg Gets Going


Hackers Hacked His (ban)Hammer

Isaac Irately Inspected Israelis.

Jumbo Jack Just Juicy

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Kind Karen’s Kangaroo Kids

Luke Lost Lexi’s Legos

Mindy’s Mindful Men Met

Nigeria Nuking Northern Nepal.

Orville Orbits Opposite Owen

Purple ping pong paddles

Qu33r Quirky Quick Q(name)

Ralph Ran 'Round Rambunctiously.

Silly Stan Sucked Suckers

Tall tom toasted toads

Ugly Unicorn Under Umbrella