All tiles collision edited

I am looking for a way to use all the different tiles from all the map editor tilesets collision edited.

Does anyone know of an existing map with all the different tiles or many of the different tiles collision edited?

Can anyone please make such a map (40x40)?

Does anyone know where to find the mythical collision edit tool?


By collision edited tile (CET) I mean it was changed from cannot walk through to being able to walk through it.

Examples are in the sewage treatment and corporate wasteland maps, the tiles at the top of each stairway are CETs, it is half stone/concrete and half brown brick/lattice whatever. Normally a player cannot walk through brick/lattice half of this tile.

If there is an existing map with CETs, it can be loaded into the map editor and the CETs can be copied pasted, redesigning into new map. A map with all different tiles already in it as CETs is a full pallet of tiles not limited to one tile type.

Eedoks samap util will show the different tile types but cannot, as far as I know, change the tile type so it can be walked through.

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Yes, walk through (and shoot). Examples could be:
elevator door from office,
wall storm grate, ladder, door, open ended pipe in wall from underground
outhouse door, trailer door from construction
cave entrance from space

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Thanks, the process works great to copy tiles from one map and paste into another.

All I need are maps that already have the collision edited tiles to copy from. Anyone know of player map slots with collision edited tiles already in the map? It’s hard to locate the maps since the previous forums were retired.

So far I have at least five different tiles:

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epicurean slot 3 I have the brown roof, water, and the void door if you’d like to use those


Thanks, got four more tiles from that one map!!


Got one more tile, borrowed :skull_and_crossbones: from ramp map, thanks Lexus!


Pulled one more tile (rooftop corner) from Natas1 Agent Rooftop map.

Borrowed ;) two more, one undergound and one space, thanks Sasuke slot 3. 2017-08-23


At the current pace for finding all tiles collision edited I optimistically estimate about 1 year to finish.

There are roughly 810 tiles (18 pages X 5 rows X 9 columns) in the editor, guessing 600 are tiles you cannot walkthrough. Current pace of finding tiles is 1.5/day.

If you know of maps that may have collision edit tiles and you don’t want to post publicly please consider sending a private message. Thanks

Lava tile from Hintero map slot 3, thanks Hint. 2017-08-25.

I remember seeing the whole xgen hq map edited to have all walk through walls


Wow! Do you remember whose map it was, who hosted the match or the other players’ names?

Unfortunately no sorry

I looked at all Michal2 maps, slot 2 does not load, the other maps are normal maps.

Does anyone happen to have info on any of the featured maps?

List of the Featured Maps

Danny’s explanation of the top 100

One of agents maps has trailer roofs to stand on

Thanks, Agent must have overwritten his roof map though.
I have three roof tiles at the moment:

top corner, center, and top middle

You do realize you can glitch your own tiles right?

four more tiles added thanks to Air and Michal.

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I have the walk-where-ever XGen map saved somewhere on one of my accounts. As soon as I find it I’ll let you know

I collected about 75 collision edited tiles in one map, 40 x 40

Thanks JMez, I’ll add the collision edit tiles when you find the map.