A Goodbye From the 5.99 Squad

XGen was my childhood, and I will be forever grateful for growing up playing these games and meeting some of my closest friends in this community. I wish the situation that led to my being demodded and subsequent choice to leave the community could have been resolved differently, but at the same time it gives me the ability to leave the community together with my friends @TheHolyChicken and @Bella and start a new chapter in life. 5.99 all the way (for those who survived)!

Take care!



Didn’t think this day would come sadly but it’s here. I guess this is a legit goodbye. I appreciate everyone in the XGen community who played and shared a great experience with me. To those who I’ve had drama with or typical online arguments I apologize and just wanted y’all to know that I let all that go a while ago and that I’m glad we met to begin with. I feel honored to have found SA along the way and to meet my most trusted friends on there. As for BBH I’ve mentioned this before, it was my home and I love the community dearly. I hope to reunite with every Boxhead before 2020. This has been one of the most memorable 5 years of my life and I won’t forget it. I’m glad to have met you all and I love you all dearly. :heart:
5.99 all the way (for those who survived)!
Peace out buntie hunters :3


Dear XGen Community,

After many years of irrelevance and 3 years of being a respected member of the XGen community, it’s time for me to finally say goodbye. A recent turn of events has triggered this decision to quit the wonderful community together with @schooler and @bella. We don’t think it’s needed to dramatize our goodbye letters, so I’ll just keep it at this. Due to complicated circumstances Schooler and me have already been demoted. Also no need to explain everything about that…
I had a really good time, met some great friends (not gonna be @ing people cause I’ll just forget someone) and I had a great time serving the community as moderator.
I’m still open for random conversations on Discord (TheHolyChicken#9375) and I do hope to stay in contact with this community at least a little bit. But no more SA or BBH for me.
5.99 all the way (for those who survived)!



Heaven and hell forever compelled, for he who broke the spell shall forever bear the mark of the forthcoming darkness.

P.S. Thank you for your service.


Stop lying I’m going to die


see you guys around! but also, happy halloween


As a mod i have to say you all were great members of Xgen community. As a friend i must say good luck in real life and sorry we disagree on certain issues.


Congratulations on finally retiring! :laughing::joy::crazy_face::kissing_heart:

~Shift (2010-2015, 2017-2018)
yes I did not survive


Oh man it’s sad to see you all go :frowning:
As lex said you were great members of the community.
Best of luck to you all! Hope to meet you again sometimes :slight_smile:


Good bye man take it easy in your journey through life.