2007-2021 - 14 years of RealSimon

Yes, this is my final farewell.

I don’t know what to write here. I still remember how I started playing the Demo Version and creating my first account shortly after, I remember my return in 2018, my first custom map, my first Glint and Buildier spinner, my first playday, the only playday I was a host, my first uri party etc. I will remember this society, the good and the bad guys, but mostly good. Time flies, I don’t want to tell you this outright, but after an incredibly long existence, I think the end of Stick Arena has come. It was one of the best games of my youth, I used to made drawings based on it :sweat_smile:. But anyway, this is the end for me.

Now some thanks:
-@MARC - for welcoming me after my return and for being a mentor to the Polish community.
-@Nicholas - for creating already legendary Transatlantic Stick Fedaration server to keep us all together.
-@Greshke - for livestreaming our playing
-@hhh, @grasp85, @E.A.Sports, @TheHolyChicken, @Stick, @sebekpolak51, @Hamster12012, @Apple512881, @Margahardstyle18 and everybody I liked to play and talk with.
-@w00den - for being my main inspiration in creating maps.
-@Epicure - you were a worthy rival in creating maps after all :wink:
-@Schallmeister - just for being a good moderator over the years.
-@michal - for finally becoming a good guy.
-@Agent_Kaze - for the exciting rivarly in season 8.

And it seems like that’s all about it. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.

Pozdrawiam. Cześć.


Hi. Those were good times sir. You were one of the most active members of the Stick Arena community. Thank you so much!


We’ll miss you RS!! It was a blast playing with you through the years! Thanks for being awesome! :slight_smile:


You will be missed, you were an awesome player and an awesome map maker😢