1v1 Suggestion: Focus on the referee

TL;DR at bottom .

The current tournament 1v1 scene is somewhat broken. Yesterday I’ve seen an actual Xgen HQ hammer camp. I myself have been ‘beaten’ by somebody who was running for a half round straight to win. A referee/judge (from now on I’ll call it a referee) saw this and tolerated this. You could argue that he is a bad referee, but in his defence he said: ‘It’s not a sword run, so it’s allowed. These are the rules.’

Now an obvious solution to this would be to update the rules. For example: running and stalling is allowed for an X amount of time. Regarding maps however, this can be quite difficult. No melee at all? No running around a certain block? No camping in a certain spot? I’ve heard one person say about a recently made 1v1 map that it’s ‘too runny’.

Point what I’m trying to make here is that people will always try to abuse the system to win in an easy way. My suggestion: Keep the rules as a rough guideline, and let the referee decide what is fair and what is not. The focus will be on the referee and not the rules. Personally, I trust a person more than (underdeveloped) rules that have to be constantly updated for certain maps or situations. This means that only one rule will be truly relevant;

“A referee/judge chosen by both parties is fully authorized to decide who has won or is disqualified.”

In this way you won’t be restricted in making/choosing 1v1 maps for tournaments and unfair plays such as laggtricks/fk’ing/stalling/running/etc. will be automatically, at the time being, not tolerated in any map under any circumstances. In my opinion even melee weapons can be allowed in 1v1 maps this way.



Suggestion to focus on the referee (chosen by both parties) instead of rules in 1v1 tournament matches;

  • The rules will be used as a rough guideline
  • The referee/judge will be fully authorized to decide who has won or is disqualified.

This allows problems to be resolved at the time being instead of making them up afterwards when the problem has already occurred. This also prevents choosing or making a 1v1 map for tournaments being restricted in a certain way.


You need hard and fast rules that apply the same to every game played in a certain map. If you don’t, this “referee” will have way too much power to subjectively decide what is right.

Some thoughts on specific issues…

Is 30 seconds too long a run? Is it 60 seconds? Is it 45? How do you even define run? How do you actually determine when the run starts? What if a time limit is decided, but someone goes over that time limit by just 2 seconds? Are they still considered running if they naturally fall back to another corner when they anti-rush? What does it actually mean to stop a run?

These are all questions that are very difficult to answer, and you will get different answers with different referees. If you want to officiate running, first agree on some hard and fast answers to all of these questions that will judge all games. There is simply no way around this. Otherwise, referees have way too much power to decide games.

Hammer Camping in XGen HQ
This can be 100% avoided without the aid of a referee. Just don’t go to hammer. If someone really goes there, take a screenshot. But really, this could be established as a hard and fast rule beforehand, and this is a very easy rule for any well-meaning competitors to follow.

Lag Tricking
Referees better understand the difference between normal lag and lag tricking. And even then, this judgment is somewhat subjective too. There is a reasonable chance that someone just does happen to lag at the critical moment, and there really is nothing that can be done. All in all, to have a referee decide what is lag tricking and what isn’t could be potentially dangerous.

At the end of the day, if both players play with good sportsmanship, lag tricking should not be a worry at all.

Free Killing
Hopefully the referee would be able to see the free kill happen when it does. What is the referee to do when, for example, someone was free killed right before grabbing a gun, the referee did not see it or hear it, and the referee is given two different stories of what happened?

What about stalling with hammer in a tight space, such as bringing a hammer to bottom left in Storage Yard? Would this be considered “illegal”?

In summary, I think at this point a referee is pretty limited in what they can fairly judge. At the end of the day, the quality of our games is dependent on the sportsmanship of our players. It really is incumbent upon our players to make things fun and interesting, even at the expense sometimes of taking more chances. I would be very cautious of the potential dangers of leaving games up to referees. Let the players play and decide how they want to play their games.


After reading everything you said I’m just flabbergasted. Yes a referee will be subjective. There will be huge differences in how one referee judges and how another referee judges. But it’s ridiculous that saying a fully authorized referee can’t fix the problem. The current state of the 1v1 rules is in my opinion a lot worse with only guiding it by rules. Saying that you can’t do anything about people who run makes no sense.

Of course, in the end you have to rely on sportmanship of the players when a referee or the rules don’t give the solution. But you can easily narrow the amount of cheap/unfair plays of a tournament participant down by using a fully authorized referee.

The idea of my suggestion is simple: both parties agree on a certain referee. This means that both participants accept the fact that this referee might be somewhat ‘subjective’ and take the risk of human error from the referee in his decision making.

Yes this means that the referee will have alot of power. But when rules can’t make a decision, a human has to do it in my opinion…